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5 Summer shirts and how to style them


With Summer about to catch up on us, the weather are changing from dull grey to vibrantly warm summer nights. On that note, it is time to shake things up in your wardrobe! Allow us to introduce you to 5 different summer shirts and how to style them!

The Flamboyant

- Photo credit: @Robinsundberg

If there is one thing that is certain, that is that a key trend item this summer is the printed short sleeved shirts. As part of our Spring collection, L’été de l’amour, we launched a line of psychedelic printed shirts. Flamboyant but channelling the chicness of the modern man. While being most suited for an off-duty look, it certainly add a spark to your outfit!

May we suggest to wear the Psychedelic Shirt with:

A pair of navy Orta shorts for a breezy outfit that will allow you to go directly from the city to a walk on the beach with you shoes in your hand and the sand twirling between your toes while you enjoy the sun setting across the horizon

The Simple Summer Oxford Shirt

More often than not, simple does the trick. When it comes to shirts, this is also true. A classic oxford shirt can often provide a strong base for building an outfit, whether aiming for a minimal or more vibrant look..

May we suggest to wear the Éte shirt with:

Pair our short sleeved Éte shirt with a pair of Orta shorts in trend colour of the season, Tea Green. Otherwise, a pair of Como shorts adds a formal but easy going twist to the look while ensuring that you still dressed for the warmer temperatures.

The Vintage Inspired

With offset in the late sixties our Spring collection was built to reference the contrasting cultures of the hippies and conservative in the US. Our range of Simon shirts taps into this era and channels the more casual-formal way of dressing in that particular time and place. All while the cotton-linen blend represents the free spirited hippies that often wore linen.

May we suggest to wear the Simon shirt with:

Our Como pinstripe in grey melange. A new edition of our signature Como suit pants that is produced in lighter fabric, making them more breezy, while still maintaining the same great fit and stretch. Leave the shirt untucked, but wear a white t-shirt underneath for a popping contrast. Add then a pair of white minimalistic sneakers that ties everything together with the white t-shirt.

The Floral Printed Shirt

- Photo credit: @mreointhomas 

When it comes to the floral printed shirt, a serious pivot has occurred over the last couple of years. Going from being worn only at all-inclusive resorts by middle-aged to finding its way to the runway and being worn by the stylish modern men around the metropolises of the world. Our Polynesia shirt is a take on that while referencing the exotic island life that Thor Heyerdahl encountered when reaching French Polynesia.

May we suggest to wear the Polynesia shirt with:

In order to avoid associations of all inclusive resorts pair the shirt with a pair of navy Iseo suit pants. Add a slight roll up to the Iseo suit pants to add a casual vibe to the look. Top it off with a pair of navy Calle suede sneakers to complete the look. 

The Classy

Taking a lighter spin on a classy look our Tahiti shirt provides the blend between lowkey and elegance with it's darker tones and rich contrasting white piping. A versatile shirt that goes just as well in the city and at the office as it does at the beach house or at the spa hotel.

May we suggest to wear the Tahiti shirt with:

A pair of navy Como pants or navy Iseo pants to achieve a full tonal look where only the subtle white contrasting piping stands out. Tuck in the shirt to make it more formal or leave it hanging for a more relaxed vibe.

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