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Brick City - A Colourful Narrative From Autumn 20


The red-brick buildings are the defining architectural style in New York’s Lower East Side, a hangover from the former tenements blocks that housed the immigrants that moved to the US from Europe in the 19th and early-20th centuries.

New York

Today, most of the red brick buildings still exist, despite gentrification and development of the area resulting in torn-down tenements. During the period of gentrification, architects mostly decided to use building materials other than red bricks, but a few continued the tradition which makes the LES one of the most characteristic areas of the city.

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Red bricks has been the most common building material used in NYC ever since the 1860s, especially around the LES, in the early days of the construction of the city. One of the reasons that the red bricks became so common in the LES area and in other boroughs was because it's inexpensive. Today various types of different red brick buildings are to be found all over the Lower East Side, including tall complexes, narrow buildings filling the small spaces between others or the classic low-rise tenements. These buildings, with the unchanged design that has remained for decades, are a reminder of the time where the area housed thousands of European immigrants, functioning like a sanctuary with different cultures living together and depending on each other.

Walking around the city red shades like these are to be found everywhere and when the sun goes down a whole new color palette of red embraces the city. Looking at the horizon a beautiful sight hits you and turns the sky into a red painting which changing at each light get turned on throughout the windows of the city. This creates a unique and different sight every evening.

New York

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When the sun has gone down completely and you again can turn your head away from the beautiful view another color palette of red hits you. The city has now turned completely dark only lit up by the millions of lights living in the city. Neon signs and car lights are moving around all over which gives the city a whole new life, all the way until the next sunrise.

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