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Built on hard work - A Colourful Autumn 20 Narrative


One thing is certain, New York City was built on hard work and determination. 

Hard Work

Even in the 90's it was easy to forget how physically demanding everyday work once was in the city that never sleeps. Back in the days it took muscle and sweat and mindless repetitive effort, day after day in extreme heat and cold, to clear land, build roads, bridges and railways. New York residents have always had a hard-working mentality, as for many, achieving the American Dream and being a hard worker go hand in hand. In the 90's New York work ethic did not changed for the worse. People was working longer hours, with less time off for vacations and sick days and this can be seen in the city's progress through the 90's.

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Having a work ethic where you do not see work as work but as a passion and working towards the same goal, this is what Les Deux stands for and has always been part of our identity. We see a comparison in the hard-working NYC workers and our hard-working mentality in Les Deux family. Working hard to the main goal is crucial, we see hard work as something we believe in and it makes us be a part of a bigger journey with Les Deux. It’s all about contribute with a good work ethic and be dedicated to ensure a high performance within the team – this is part of our DNA.

Hard Work

During the 90's Wall Street was one of the places in New York City where people put in the hardest work. People at Wall Street was the most motivated workers and their goal was only to get to the top. The individuals who had this extreme work ethic, had an internal motivation to succeed and the ability to dig deep and keep going. This can be referred to our own situation, after 8 years we are still highly motivated and hungry to be the biggest fashion brand. We still have much more to offer, both in development and retail. Our ability like the workers at Wall Street is the high work ethic and a high level of motivation day in and day out has a direct impact on performance. This is what separates success from failure.

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Hard Work

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