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Catching up with Alexander Gram


We took the time to catch up with freelance fashion writer, fashion blogger and co-founder of An Ivy Copenhagen, Alexander Gram. We talked personal style, trends, and future fashion tendencies. We find Gram particular interesting as he is on the forefront of fashion in regards to trends, but has a tailored off-set. 


Alexander Gram Freelance fashion writer and co-founder of An Ivy

How would you describe your style? 

Tailoring is the base when it comes to my personal style and is always the foundation when I get dressed. But I also love to pull the suit in many different directions - both casually and formally, and in terms of silhouettes. My style is therefore, mainly consisting of a combination of suits with an Oxford shirt, tie and leather shoes with a chunky sole. But at the same time for the more relaxed days paring the suit with a pair of technical or playful sneakers, a t-shirt and a silk scarf.

To you, what is the most fall fashion trends?

After several years with a massive focus on streetwear on the fashion scene, it becomes evident that tailoring - and in general - the more formal parts of the male wardrobe, wins territory. Which is a good thing if you ask me! Don’t be afraid to pull out the suit - and give it a personal touch. Everything is allowed when it comes to the suit - both in regards to styling and fit. 

What direction would you like fashion to take in the future?

It’s obvious that I like that fashion is moving more and more towards tailoring as it is happening right now. Now I just hope that the trend also take to the streets and that more men embraces this with the courage to wear formal items more frequently and style them more individually. 

 And finally, how do you perceive Les Deux?

Les Deux has become a go-to brand for many Danish and International men - and I see why. Les Deux accomplishes in making great essentials for the male wardrobe which most men easily can incorporate in their respective wardrobe. At the same time, a lot of the new outerwear from this fall collection - like the checkered wool bomber (in the picture) and the orange parka - provides an edge to Les Deux, that I personally really like. 



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