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Contemporary with tailoring


At the heart of the modern man's wardrobe lies tailored essentials. Whether it be suits, blazers or suit pants simply by themselves. But with the progress and innovation of society comes also an urge to either break or comply with previous style conformities. Some use their way of dressing as a mean to hang on to values, while others use it as statement of forward vision.

Styling with model wearing the Les Deux Como Pinstripe Suit and the Les Deux Smierre Shirt

Bridging the gap between sportswear and traditional menswear has become an integral part of the male way of dressing. Suits with sneakers, blazers with sportswear. It has become much more of an option to be contemporary with tailoring. Classy while embracing elements of sportswear. 

Styling with model wearing the Navy Les Deux Como Pinstripe Suit and a Les Deux Lens Hoodie underneath

The navy suit is among one of the most classic menswear staples. But relying on a stretch fabric, the Como Suit allows for a much more relaxed look. This can be further emphasized by styling the suit with a hoodie. In this way the look both breaks with traditional conformities while still paying tribute to the traditional male wardrobe. 

Model wearing Les Deux Dines blazer with Les Deux Cashmerino knit underneath

The tailored look is often referred to with the whole suit in mind. But tailored jackets, such as the sports jacket, blazers etc. can also be subjected to a modern twist on the male wardrobe. Opting for low-key layers such as the Cashmerino half zip paired with sneakers provides a relaxed feel to the otherwise preppy and dressed look. 

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