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Embracing Earth Tones - An Autumn Editorial


Light neutral hues are truly the tone of the season. From warm whites and ochres to sandy khakis, the palette of midsummer and the early autumn is set in the colours of the land. With their contemporary and uncomplicated attitude, they are dictating the direction of the casual attire and we were quickly, and rightfully, swayed by their versatility.

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Continuing from our last summer collection, inspired by the delicate hues of Menton in southern France, we carry this expression on into the darker months. With its resemblance to the native aesthetic of sandy dunes and rock formations, the flexibility in styling is practically endless. Beige, sands and off-whites form a scenic melange, that when combined, truly accentuate the vibrance of more colourful notes.

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Likewise, this palette is strongly connected to the current wave of utility- and workwear-inspired collections currently visible in magazines and runway shows. From worker shirts and cargo pants to reimagined military uniforms, this trend seems to be in for the long run.

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Looking towards this development, we created the Pascal Overshirt. Referencing the classic worker’s jacket, the Pascal features large frontal pockets and is shaped in a casual, stretchable cotton fabric. Paired with the Pascal Chino Pants, the result is an expression of simplicity and comfort, equally fitting for Monday morning, as well as Saturday night.

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The creation of the Laurent Tencel Shirt is a part of our progress within sustainability. Made from environmentally neutral wood fibres, the Laurent leaves little to no environmental impact, while still bearing an almost silk-like flow and drape. Style in neutral tones, with a pair of wide leg Pino Check Suit Pants for a contemporary look.

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