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Les Deux and Podimo Are Teaming Up To Keep You Inspired!


Inspiration is the fuel that powers our minds. We thrive in its presence and grow tired when it seems to desert us. Inspiration gives shape to art, design and innovative ideas that change our surroundings. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with leading Danish podcast platform; Podimo.

Podimo is a vast ocean of thoughts and ideas, neatly wrapped and served directly to you. In their catalogue, you will find countless podcasts addressing any subject you might fancy. Whether your interest lies within music, business, fashion – or something completely different, they are here to deliver.

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Even though many existing podcasts are free, Podimo gives the listener to opportunity to directly support their favourite podcasters, by giving a large share of the earnings back to the creators. Beyond the platform, they are striving to become the leading producer of quality podcast content. Through comprehensive ideation and curation of interesting, local voices, they have created successful concepts for both the Danish, as well as the German market. 

So, click to sign up for our newsletter, and claim your complimentary 2 months of Podimo Premium!

Keep yourself inspired!

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