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Les Deux at Paris Fashion Week Mens


Paris being the absolute fashion capital of the world need no further introduction. So when fashion press and buyers from around the world direct their attention toward the city of lights it is with good reason. It is the most anticipated fashion week of them all. We’ve gathered a few flicks from our perspective during our time in Paris and talking about why Paris is so particular to us.


Choosing to have a showroom during Paris Fashion Week Mens

Aside from being known as the city of love, the city of lights, and housing historic writers, artists and architects, it is so deeply emdedded in the fashion industry, that there is likely no other city more important to the fashion industry. Therefore, are a lot of our retail customers frequently coming to Paris, so having a showroom there means providing these customers the convenience of the proximity once they are here. In that sense having a showroom in Paris during Paris Fashion Week Mens (PFWM) is only natural to us.


Further, PFWM is a great place for us to address to the world our rooted values to the world about relations and indiscrimination -  whether it is gender, politics, cultural backgrounds, or religious beliefs. We believe in unifying human relations across physical and cultural borders by defining a visionary lifestyle based on compassion, creativity and the freedom to aim high. 

How Paris Speaks to us

Paris is particular to us in many ways. For example, it’s rich and dramatic history manifested through every visible corner. It has in many ways become a second home to many of us. We’ve even named a collection (Spring 18) ‘Quartier Latin’ after the fifth arrondissement that houses the Latin Quarters of Paris. Nevertheless, the city is known for fashion and is therefore, also the city where people get together for industry purposes. It is among other places here that we really get closer to buyers and press and get an opportunity to address the journey of which Les Deux has embarked on.

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