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Les Deux launching strategy on sustainability


At Les Deux, it has always been our business to care. Not only about the quality of our products, but also about people and the society that surrounds us.

Within the recent years, it has become a reality that the climate and our environment is under severe pressure, why we now have embarked on a mission to accelerate the sustainable development in Les Deux with a focus on how to act more responsibly, and ultimately reduce our environmental impact.  

We have spent the past four months working intensively with CSR Forum, a leading non-profit organization, to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which we now proudly can present. Next step of this journey is to onboard the entire organization and start implementing the strategy step by step. 

The three focus areas of the strategy we are working with are responsible supply chain management, sustainable materials and design for conscious consumption which all will be an integrated part of Les Deux in the future. 

The focus areas will be conducted in parallel but we will initially present our responsible supply chain management with all the coherent elements and transitions of existing practices. 

At Les Deux, we aim to do well by doing good!

About CSR Forum:
CSR Forum is an organisation that believes in joint solutions. At CSR Forum the team is assembled based on the requirement of the task. CSR Forum draws on Denmark’s largest network of experienced advisors when supporting organisations in working goal oriented and consistent with strategic sustainability. 


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