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Les Deux x Kopenhagen Fur: ENCORE



Once again have we teamed up with Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s market leading fur auction house, as well as the center of international fur trade. Kopenhagen Fur is acknowledged worldwide for its exceptional quality in mink pelts due to a keen focus on animal welfare. Our collaboration is centered through Kopenhagen Fur’s design and innovation center, Kopenhagen Fur Studio.



What we bring to the table is our casual yet preppy apparel and our mindset of bridging cultural borders. This is combined with Kopenhagen Fur’s innovative design thinking and craftmanship to bridge the two forces. In particular, the canvas for this collaboration is our classic encore design that has stuck with us for years.



The result is an extravagant hoodie with our easily recognizable roman numeral logo crafted from sheared Kopenhagen Fur Mink. All styles developed with Kopenhagen Fur holds their renowned quality labels, ensuring that all pelts are quality graded and sold through the Kopenhagen Fur auction house. The quality of mink used for this collaboration falls under the Kopenhagen Fur Platinum label. The Kopenhagen Fur x Les Deux Encore hoodie comes in 3 different colourways. In our opinion, this encapsulates the best of both worlds.



Snow melange base with rose roman numeral logo, dark navy base with placid blue Roman numeral logo and light brown base with purple roman numeral logo. 






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