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Liberté - Pre-autumn 19


Our new Pre-Autumn 19 collection Liberté is inspired by French Polynesia and the freedom feeling surrounding these islands.

Liberté means ‘freedom’. Freedom means different things for one person to the next. Whether it’s economic independence, the ability to travel the world, having loved ones around them or something entirely different. Each person’s ideology differs depending on their circumstances. This collection is inspired by a ’freedom’ of the exotic island life. A kind of ’freedom’ of waking up on Bora Bora, surrounded by palm trees, white sand and crystal clear water.

In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl became famous for his Kon-Tiki expedition. He wanted to prove his theory that natives from South America had once traveled the Pacific Ocean in a pae-pae raft, that they had constructed from balsa wood without using any nails or any other tools. Thor succeeded in replicating this and sailed from Peru to French Polynesia proving his theory, yet very few people still believe. For Les Deux, Heyerdahl’s journey was the absolute epitome of ’freedom’. Taking off, entering the unknown and ending on some of the world’s most beautiful islands.

The islands of French Polynesia are far from the mainland with more than 6000 km distance from New Zealand and Australia. This is why its civilians have developed a way of island living and unique culture from the rest of the world.

For this Pre-Autumn/Winter 19 Liberté collection, Les Deux has taken inspiration from French Polynesia and its cultural choices in fashion, style, and use of colour. Each garment in this collection has a story tracing back to the South Pacific and is translated through the use of colour, pattern and fabric choices.

Colours used within this collection are inspired by the wildlife, the natives living there and those who have come as explorers. There has been a large focus on the colour Khaki as well as pale sea blue, rich leafy greens, and tropical pinks. 

Shop Key Styles

1. South Pacific Hoodie - Grey Melange / 2. Tahiti Shirt - Tea Green / 3. Polynesia Shirt - Dark Navy / 4. Polynesia Swim Shorts - Dark Navy / 5. Orta Shorts - Tea Green / 6. Ete Shirt Striped - Dark Navy White




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