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Lower East Side; The Coleman Skatepark


Freedom, inspiration, artistic expression, fashion statement - There is a lot more to the LES Coleman Skatepark than first hits the eye!

Coleman Skatepark

Lower East side is home to the iconic L.E.S Coleman Skatepark, located underneath the Manhattan Bridge. Whether you're an experienced skateboarder, a visitor from out of town, or you're looking to show off a trick in one of New York City's most remarkable Skateparks, L.E.S Coleman Skatepark is the place to do it.

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The skatepark attracts a lot of different and creative people in L.E.S, who among other things live to express themselves with a skateboard and what better place to do it than on the street where everyone can see your talent and find inspiration in your tricks. For these people it is all about freedom, the freedom to do exactly what they like and improve their skills.

Coleman Skatepark

The L.E.S Coleman Skatepark attracts people from all parts of the society and is synonymous with contrasting lifestyles where different cultures meet to enjoy and be together with fellow skateboarders. This is one of the beautiful things in general concerning skateboarding. Even though the skaters comes from completely different worlds they can get together and inspire each other through the sport.

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Skatingboarding is hard work and there are no shortcuts in this sport. It is the long hard, less travelled road that leads to personal experience, creative focus, depth and inclusion. There are no easy downloads or cheats into this brotherhood. To succeed at anything of worth, you need patience and dedication - skateboarding is no different. Coleman Skatepark

Matthew Miller

29 year old painter living in the Lower East Side.

“7 years ago I moved to NYC, to seek new opportunities and make a change in my life. I came to pursue my dream which comes from my creative heart and I can honestly say I came to the right place. I have always dreamed of becoming a skillful painter but never had the inspiration and support around me to really pursue this dream of mine. The area of Lower East Side is the characterized by the creative environment of the whole NYC. I find my inspiration in many things; I see the diversity of the resident in L.E.S as an inspiration in my everyday life. Lower East Side is full of creative individuals and it helps my creative process when I find inspiration in my fellow residents.“

Coleman Skatepark

“I am 29-year-old now and I still remember the first time I saw a skateboarder roll past me. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Why walk when you could skate? Skating gives me a free space and it helps me escaping from the everyday life. I like to use my creativeness both physically and with my mind. So, I skate, and I paint! I enjoy being a part of the skateboard community.”

“For those who think that skateboarding is a personal action, this is not the case. There is a huge community within skateboarding which links people together through their common love for this mutual interest. I see skateboarding as hard work, where information and experiences are exchanged and shared with friends. Skateboarding is a creative process where you try new stuff out and see if it’s cool.”

Coleman Skatepark

Simon Bradley

30 year old designer living in Brooklyn.

“My favorite skatepark like many others is the iconic L.E.S Coleman Skatepark, located underneath the Manhattan Bridge. I Find inspiration in these surroundings. The Manhattan Bridge have a beautiful architecture and the area of Lower East side is an inspiring place to let my ideas float.”

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“I see The Lower East Side as a place that radiates style, from its residents to its bright graffiti-painted streets. Though it’s one of the oldest areas in the city, the L.E.S has always been a neighborhood defined by the adventurous trendsetters of the current generation. I like to see myself as part of this area where I can contribute with my painting and my refined skateboard style.”

Coleman Skatepark

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