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Pre-spring 20 - Liberté


Liberté means freedom, but what does freedom actually mean? It’s a word with countless different meanings depending on who you are as a person, who you associate with and how you are raised. For us as a fashion and lifestyle brand freedom is the way we operate as a company. We do not set limits as to how we express ourselves through designs. Neither tendencies in the market, fashion trends or anything else will dictate what we do and how we do it. Therefore, with this collection we took the freedom to try something new. Liberté.

A Trip Down Memory Lane 

In the Liberté collection we take you on a trip back memory lane. To bring back some nostalgic feelings, we have used the first t-shirt we ever made, as inspiration for this collection. A t-shirt that became our platform to ambitiously dream freely of the future we could build for our selves and the ones around us.

Evolvement of a T-shirt

This t-shirt is the foundation of the whole collection and even though it is a very simple white t-shirt with a patch, it still has a lot of meaning and feelings connected to it. Therefore this collection is made as a tribute to where we come from as a brand and the development we have been through over the years.

The Dove

On the first patch we ever designed was the drawing of a dove, which in many cultures symbolizes  freedom. We took the drawing of the dove and redesigned it into being the main focus of the collection. In the first couple of seasons, patches was a very integrated part of our designs and we wanted to go back to that for a short while.

Colours and Fabrics

Back in 2011, where it all began, we only had one white t-shirt. To show the progress and bring more life to the collection we expanded on both the color palette and materials used. Regarding the colors we have worked with navy, bordeaux and white which is close to our french roots, while incorporating orange and petrol blue which builds bridge between our Autumn and Spring collections on each side of this pre-collection. In regards to the materials we have heavily improved our different qualities. For this collection we have incorporated new materials which we have never worked with before, such as fleece.


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