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Sans Souci - Carefree Living introduced by Creative Director, Mathias Jensen


As we are anticipating the approaching summer, we at Les Deux, are proud to present our Pre-Autumn collection; Sans Souci. To give you a bit of insight to what makes this collection special, we have asked Creative Director; Mathias Halvgaard Jensen a few questions about the thoughts and ideas behind the collection.

Mathias Jensen, Creative Director 

Can you tell us a bit about what constitutes a Pre-Autumn collection?

The Pre-Autumn collection is the embodiment of summer. Issued at the commencement of the warmer months, the collection brings you a blend of summer staples and early fall pieces, to accompany you on the yearly trip to Cannes or weekend at the summer residence. In conclusion, Pre-Autumn offers a selection of classic menswear essentials, versatile from the radiant mornings of May to the chilly evenings of August.

Pre-Autumn 20 Campaign 

Sans Souci, or care-free living, is the name of the collection. What imagery do you associate with this idiom?

At Les Deux, we associate the words sans souci with a certain lifestyle – a way of perceiving the world. The mind wanders freely, unburdened and unhindered by the trivialities of everyday life. You exist in a timeless state, enjoying the humble pleasures of walking through the city, frequenting the local café or listening to the nostalgic crackles on an old vinyl record. The future opens, as the days grow longer. You look forward to the warm nights with the people you love, laughing, conversing and dreaming of new beginnings and never endings. Everything is possible.

Guy writing Mathias Jensen, Creative Director 

How does the collection relate to this emotion?

The Pre-Autumn collection channels this state of mind through colours and the tactility of the materials. We sought out to curate a carelessly elegant combination of flowing Tencel, crispy linens and seersucker, a classic menswear fabric full of texture, to express a feeling of lightness and comfort. Colours are allowed to burst and blend in cheerful botanical prints and appliques. We opened up the collars and gave the pants a bit more width, allowing more space to breathe. Also, we added our interpretation of the linen suit, unconstructed and light-hearted. A timeless expression for any occasion. In conclusion, the collection is an homage to colour, new beginnings and the sans souci state of mind

guy laying down Pre-Autumn 20 Campaign


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