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Solitude, Upstate New York - Pre-spring 21 Campaign


Our Autumn 20 collection was inspired by the Lower East Side in New York City; for our Pre-Spring 21 collection we are moving further up north to Upstate New York. An area with surroundings that lets you embrace solitude with a minimum of distractions and achieve peace and contentment from within. This is, in contrast to the hecticness of the great city of New York, a place to escape and immerse yourself in silent scenery.

It is a place where time isn’t a vital factor, and one under- stands that self-restoration isn’t done instantaneously but is allowed to take time. In today’s society, being able to disconnect from the rushes and stresses of everyday life, is increasingly perceived as a privilege to those who desire tranquility and peace of mind. A habitual daily routine requires attention and is often associated with the pressures of working life, and so it may be difficult to procure that surplus of energy it takes to really enjoy life and all it has to offer.

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Model standing on forest road

Close-up of model in forest

Rocky ocean beach

In order to truly reach a state of being in balance and control, you need to remove yourself from your common surroundings to a more pleasant environment where one can immerse oneself in much needed serenity. Even though the feeling of solitude and the restoration of energy is individual, many people find solitude in nature. The wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains in Upstate New York, provides you with nature’s raw simplicity and the whistling sound of the wind throughout the treetops. This is the basis for pulling the plug, with the intention of recharging one’s mental batteries.

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In the collection the inspiration of Upstate New York is apparent in several ways.
Through the choice of materials, styles and patterns and our work with wool, knitwear and check patterns
in easy-fitting silhouettes, the collection is composed of challenging and premium looks with powerful colours. This Pre-Spring collection combines the inspiration as seen on the streets of New York City with the preppy yet classic aesthetics of the Ivy League style in Upstate New York and the Northeast. Shades and nuances of browns, greens, greys, and deep blues with pops of pastels like lavender and mint that instill a sense of the fresh beginnings of spring.

Model standing in front of house

Model looking out the window

Close-up of model

Model standing in forest

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The colour palette is highly inspired by the long winding roads leading towards Upstate New York, away from the rustle and bustle of New York City. Trees stand tall among the billowing landscape with their thick brown bark while spring colours nature with its powerful brush. When lavender starts to flourish in Pre-spring, its presence can be felt throughout the season where lighter colours come about, like the radiant mint seen in the collection. The calming and soothing scenery ties together the colours in order to welcome the fresh blooming spring ahead. By welcoming the upcoming season and allowing impressions to affect one’s state of mind, one will be invited to let go of worries and rushing concerns.

Embrace solitude and take in the enriching atmosphere.

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