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Sprezzatura - Spring 21 Collection


Our Spring 21 collection, called “Sprezzatura”, is inspired by a certain Italian way of living. Just like a fingerprint, appearance is unique to each of us. We each dress, act and talk in different ways, but what makes someone truly stand out is, for many, an unsolvable riddle. Some people have a certain type of appeal; an unspoken charm. This idea of casual elegance is the substance of sprezzatura.

Les Deux Spring 21 Collection

Les Deux Spring 21 Collection

A way of carrying oneself

The thing that makes sprezzatura difficult to translate is that the expression is not isolated to a specific look or style of fashion, but rather the way you live and express yourself. It is about achieving the effortless look which is the very essence of sprezzatura - the idea of imperfection.

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One thing is to achieve the look, another thing is to achieve the casual elegance that comes with the appearance. To truly achieve sprezzatura and the effortless no-fuss look, make it seem like you’ve grabbed the first shirt, the first pair of pants, the first pair of socks, the first blazer and the first pair of shoes in the wardrobe.

Les Deux Spring 21 Collection

Les Deux Spring 21 Collection

Effortless in essence

Thus, sprezzatura itself is not only about the look but just as much about your attitude and interaction, which is why the concept of sprezzatura occurs from the inside out. It is a way of being, and it will show if only the look is on point. Sprezzatura is about feeling and looking good in an effortless manner while giving it a modern contemporary twist. In a way, you should not be obsessed by looking good. You should be confident and certain that you are always looking your best, no matter the circumstances.

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This Italian way of living inspired us, colour-wise, to move in a bright but still toned-down direction. Looking at the landscape, the wineries, the coffee culture, art, the importance of family etc. made us understand the colours which spring from the Sprezzatura way of living. Therefor we chose to focus on colours such as dark sand, dusty rose, off-white, lichen green etc. which have created the complete feeling of Sprezzatura.

Les Deux Spring 21 Collection

Les Deux Spring 21 Collection

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Focusing on materials, the most important aspect for us was to make it look and feel light and comfortable. That made us look into fabrics such as silk, linen, tencel etc. to make sure that everything fitted perfectly into the Sprezzatura lifestyle.

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