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The Les Deux guide to Valentine’s day


With Valentine's day coming up we're providing a bit of inspiration on what to do and what to wear on this romanticised February day. Though it may seem Americanized and tacky, Valentine's day is a great reminder to celebrate the love that you share, whether it is with your partner through a lifetime or a blind date.


What to do

Figuring what to do on Valentine's day, is always a struggle. Especially if you want to make it truly memorable. Our main advice for your Valentine's date is, therefore, to skip the cliches and pretentiousness. Be real, be present and enjoy the things that you do together. 


Cooking up dinner together

Cooking up a special dinner at home can be as romantic as going out to dine. Restaurants are usually crowded on Valentine's day, which means it is unlikely to be a cosy and romantic experience. A homemade candlelight dinner also eases the stress of locating the right restaurant. With only the two of you there, it can become an intimate date focusing on just enjoying each other’s presence. You don’t need to be a chef to cook up a memorable dinner that you both will enjoy. No matter whether you're preparing the meal together or alone as a romantic gesture. 


Bike around town together

It might sound unusual, but biking around in your own- or a strange city can be both fun and exciting. There is likely a lot of areas that you haven’t explored yet, though you've always wanted to. Spending the day biking you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Visit museums, wine bars, city attractions - you decide! The possibilities are countless and you should arrange your trip to your common likings. You can pack a lunch bag for an afternoon snack or plan your trip to pass by a certain café or street food quarter. Make it a whole day trip or just a few hours, it is all up to you, the point is simply that you spend time together.

What to wear

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to dressing on this Cupid-struck day is to put in some effort. The outfit should, of course, suit the occasion, but the effort shows and goes a long way!  On the one hand, simply because it increases your own confidence, but more importantly because it pays tribute to your date.


The classy

If you are planning a night dining at a restaurant dressing up is important. However, keep it simple, no need to bring out the tux. The more minimal look with tonal colours such as the mélange and navy Desert striped shirt underneath a light Lugano mac coat will fit every occasion. Add the Iseo navy suit pants to complete a neutral tonal look. Lastly, the navy Calle sneakers contribute to a dressed lowkey look highlighting the contrast between class and cool.




The casual

It's a matter of showing that you've made an effort. You don't necessarily need to dress up to show that, you just have to show that you care for the details. You can easily dress well, and comfortable at the same time. If the day ahead plans for a day around town or a cosy dinner the sweatshirt and suit pants look can be all you need. 

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