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The Les Deux Material Strategy


Material choices is a main contributor to our business’ adverse effects on people and our planet. This is why we have developed a material strategy outlining the areas in our transitioning towards a more sustainable business. To better understand our process and goals we have broken down our strategy to the three following areas; chemicals with care, recyclable fiber-mix and involvement of more sustainable materials.

Creating clothes with high performance can have an environmental impact, leaving a trace on our environment. We work towards neither the environment nor the health and well-being of our customers are affected by such. Chemicals from clothing may contaminate water or cause allergic reactions when using the garment, but we strive to adopt a precautionary approach to the use of chemicals and ensure that there are in fact no chemical residues in the clothes that can cause these effects.

Application of fibers is another important element of our sustainable development. In order to increase the possibility of recycling, and hence minimize extracting new virgin materials, we work to increase our use of clean fibers starting throughout future collections. In addition, we also introduce organic cotton and increase application of more sustainable fibers such as tencel.

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