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The Martial Minimalist, An Autumn Editorial


The journey of Les Deux began with an ambition and a single white t-shirt. Embellished with vintage military badges, the style bridged the aesthetics of streetwear with the formal composure of the martial world. It was a modest beginning, but that single shirt laid the foundation for something truly meaningful.

Model standing on harbour

Model Standing on harbour

Scandinavian design is most commonly known for its calm, collected aesthetic and muted palette of neutral tones. Composition is key and composure always trumps excess. For our Autumn Winter 20 collection, we built upon this framework, and added some new iterations of the classic Les Deux military patches. The result is a casual, yet luxurious interpretation of nautical uniforms in blues and navy. An expression perfectly suited for the cold Scandinavian mornings.

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The Egalité selection is the embodiment of this aesthetic. By putting together the superior quality and technical know-how of contemporary Les Deux, with the heritage style that brought the brand into existence, we have created something special. Finished in premium cotton fabrics, the Egalité is casualwear for any occasion.

Model Standing on harbour

Model Standing on harbour

Styling for autumn is all about layering. Putting together a melange of colours, fabric and textures – both for form and functionality. The Martielle Waistcoat is truly magnificent as a transitional item. With its thin shell fabric and light padding, it adds warmth and perspiration in any constellation – from over a knit sweater to underneath a large overcoat.

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Finally, the Marseilles Herringbone set takes contemporary suiting in a new direction. By stripping away unnecessary details, we have simplified and streamlined the blueprint of the casual office attire. By swapping out lapels, cuffs, etc. for large frontal pockets and a mac collar, the Marseilles is the utilitarian take on formality for the casual wardrobe.

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