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Thoroughness over everything


When speaking to Germans you can’t miss the thoroughness that lies in their genes. This attention to detail and uncompromising approach have inspired the way we worked on this collection.

After the Wall fell, the eyes of the world remained on Berlin. The city managed to thrive; after many years, hope had returned, and the city of Berlin experienced an amazing transformation. Going from democracy on one side and communism on the other, it was now a united city, joined under the same fundamental identity.

The German economy exploded in the time after the reunification and laid the foundation for the country becoming a leading economic power in Europe. This is the result of the German thoroughness and cooperation between the former East and West Germans. Together they created the basis for the future of Germany. In German culture, projects must be carefully and methodically thought out in order to achieve the planned objective first time.

Discipline, punctuality and doing what you’re best at are how the Germans live their lives. We used this as inspiration in our work to come up with simply the best and most thorough collection to date.

We’ve worked on this collection with the German quality of thoroughness in mind. By working with the different materials and techniques employed in this collection, we are able to demonstrate the level of attention to detail that has been paid to every element. Every item is meticulously thought through to achieve the finish we wanted.

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