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Our new Autumn Winter 2019 collection ‘Un Nouveau Départ’, meaning a new beginning, is inspired by the new Berlin that evolved after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the feelings it evoked in its citizens.Berlin, November 1989. The fall of the Wall. Berlin is in ecstasy. Imagine the feeling of being reunited with your country, family and friends after nearly 45 years. It was a night where a whole new world of opportunities and feelings opened up and we have tried to capture the essence of these feelings in our ‘Un Nouveau Départ’ collection.The border was opened on 9th November 1989 late at night and prompted a stream of people heading towards the wall, towards the reunion. The East Berliners were received with enthusiasm in West Berlin, where strangers hugged each other out of pure joy and feelings of freedom and the hope of a new beginning washed over the country. During the euphoria, many West Berliners climbed onto the Wall, and the Brandenburg Gate, which had previously been blocked on both sides.It was like the two different cultures had never been apart from each other. The East and West Berliners had not forgotten their mutual national feeling, and what Germans wanted to stand for. Everyone felt the same: Happiness. Immediately the people of Berlin started to dream again and unite the nation after many years in separation. The fall of the Wall was a landmark event in world history and was a beautiful sight of people coming together with renewed feeling.At the same time as the euphoria in Berlin, the 80s came to an end and the happy 90s started. This was the decade when subcultures and creatives enjoyed a playing field of endless possibilities. Going into the 90s, Berlin became a vibrant party city, political hub and symbol of freedom.Berlin was once again the capital of Germany. This was the ‘New Berlin’ and everyone was filled with new energy and had the opportunity to express their feelings after years of silence. Nothing seemed impossible – every Berliner felt positive and wanted to be together after the fall. It’s the story of one country divided into two, and of two totally different cultures meeting after many, many years. Red, the colour of love, could be seen all over the city. This kind of love and unity had rarely been seen before and the colour red has been associated with the fall of the Wall ever since. Two different cultures meeting is exactly what happened when Les Deux was established. The more refined tastes of North Zealand combined with the darker roots of Nørrebro inspired us to fuse a variety of seasonal influences, which always keep our style DNA up to date. For each collection we’re inspired by an event, a special time in history or a community. We focus on the good things happening in the world and we are inspired by a huge diversity of people.Berlin, after the Wall fell, is the perfect example of diversity and love, the effects of which can be seen in our collection. The happiness and importance of this event could not be overstated as an inspirational source.


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