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Valentine's Once Again


The return of what is often described as the most romantic day of the year should come as no surprise. You know - Valentine’s Day. A day where you’re stuffing yourself with heart-shaped chocolates, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Many couples take the opportunity to celebrate their love while singles rely on first dates or celebrating their individuality. But what makes up for a good Valentine’s date? 

First Rule: Surprise her!

All conventions go that the worldwide date night is on the 14th of February. Why not surprise your significant other? A good surprise date is often the most memorable. So make sure to put a fake appointment in the calendar, and then go ahead and schedule your dream date on the 13th instead. Bonus: You can go to your favourite date destination without being, as crowded as, on the 14th of February.  

Go beyond the conventional

We’ve heard the same old date-recipe countless times. Pick her up, go to dinner and then the movies. We’ve all been on that date, which at the end of the day, will never go down as the most memorable one. While the two first parts of the date might work out fine, the movies will at most be an excuse for a shy move of holding hands. But in the end, you don’t get to learn more about her and even worse, she doesn’t get to know you.  

There are better ways to establish physical contact. Ice skating, take a pottery class, a stroll through a botanical garden, rent a boat or something completely else where you’re able to strike up a good conversation. While at it you might opt for a restaurant that breaks down the facade. Think of  food where you might get your hands dirty.

Dress the part

Tom Ford put it nicely years ago: dressing well is a form of good manners. It’s not only about making you look and feel good, but it’s also about paying tribute to your date and the surrounding environment.

Have you scheduled a date that takes you out for more courses than you can count on one hand, then the suit should be your weapon of choice. Paired with an oxford shirt it allows you to add a low key attitude that conventional poplin dress shirt does not. 

Dressing well is not always about dressing up. It’s about the ability to coordinate colors, textures and silhouettes. More often the relaxed on point look will get you further than the dressed one due to its relatability. This look goes perfectly for the date that takes place pretty much anywhere except at a fine dining restaurant. 

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